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Voucher Store

Voucher Store gives customers and employees online access to discounted gift vouchers, gift cards and eGifts. It provides an effective reward platform to retain customers and generate a reason for them to engage with your brand. Voucher Store also provides a valuable benefit for employees, helping their salary to go further.

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  • Customers and employees access the Voucher Store site directly, or via your company’s website, using a secure login.
  • Discounted gift cards from over 100 popular brands can be purchased from the Voucher Store.
  • Gift cards are immediately sent in the post or emailed, depending on what your customer or employee wants.

Everyone can benefit from Voucher Store

Reward customer and employee loyalty by making their money go further with access to discounted gift cards with our Voucher Store. There are over 100 well-known brands to choose from covering a variety of outlets for everyday spending such as supermarkets, restaurants, department stores, travel and entertainment.

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Why choose Voucher Store?

If you’re looking for a new way to reward customers and employees, Voucher Store is a simple, yet effective, way to improve customer retention and employee engagement.

Reward Flexibility

Customers and employees choose how and where they spend their reward, making the benefit more enjoyable.

Bulk Ordering

Voucher Store is easily scalable, making it an ideal reward solution for medium to large businesses.

Easy to Manage

We handle the set-up, management, orders and queries, giving you more time for other priorities.

Year Round Benefit

Voucher Store is not seasonal. It can help customers and employees save on their spending all year round.

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Consumer Gift Card Preferences

With their mass appeal and seemingly endless range of options in physical, digital and mobile, there are many new and evolving ways for businesses to consider using gift cards to engage with their audiences. This report from our US division outlines the latest gift card trends and how you can apply them to your gift card strategies and programs this year.

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