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Virtual Prepaid Cards

Our virtual prepaid card is a customisable payment solution that can be used for a range of purposes across all sectors. They can be spent online or for transactions made over the phone anywhere that Mastercard® is accepted, providing the ultimate choice.

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What can virtual prepaid cards be used for?

  • Send meaningful gestures of goodwill to your customers quickly
  • Provide compensation payments with added value
  • General funds disbursement
Ultimate Choice
Brand Experience

Ultimate Choice

Virtual prepaid cards can be used online or over the phone anywhere that Mastercard® is accepted, or through your marketing you can imply it's only accepted at specific retailers.

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Brand Experience

Create brand affinity with your recipients – we have a range of branding solutions available to suit different budgets and requirements.

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Distribute funds in a method cheaper than cheques or BACs, as either a one-off or an ongoing basis up to a £5,000 limit per card.

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Why choose virtual prepaid cards?

It’s a reward format close to cash that customers and employees enjoy using.

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High Impact

Cards are easy-to-use therefore campaign uptake is high, driving engagement levels up.

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Quick to Deliver

Programmes are quick to set up, with cards being sent within 48 hours of receiving payment.

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Ability to Brand

Brand virtual cards and emails with your own logo and artwork – we create, produce and fulfil the cards digitally.

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Cost-Effective Solution

Cheaper alternative to physical rewards, but still with the ability to create impact.

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eBook: Do Digital Rewards Right

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