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Redeem is a reward redemption platform used for customer loyalty programmes, on-pack promotions, and customer acquisition campaigns. The platform works on a ‘buy this, get that’ model allowing end users to claim rewards in a simple and controlled process. Redeem can be customised to provide a seamless brand journey and handles millions of users’ data and records.

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  • Customer acquisition: collect new customer data by driving customers to your Redeem platform with on pack or code with purchase promotions
  • Rewarding loyalty: Email or text loyal customers a reward code that allows them to claim a prize through your branded Redeem platform
  • Any 'do this, get that'-stlye promotions: Redeem provides the ideal promotion mechanic to attract, engage and retain customers through action and reward.

A wide range of rewards for mass customer appeal

Choice Gift Cards

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Multi Retailer Gift Cards

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Prepaid Cards

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Best Customer Promotion Mechanic
BT Reward Card
DFDS Booking Incentive
John Lewis 'Gift with Purchase'

Best Customer Promotion Mechanic


Promotions are essential for acquiring and retaining customers. However, many sales promotions become too complicated which results in low take up.

Redeem is built on a robust system with a simple ‘do this, get that’ mechanic to make sure a high percentage of people engage in your campaign. We customise your reward platform, and manage the communication between you and your customer, to give you a consistent brand journey.

Our reward catalogue also offers a wide range of items, so you can be confident every customer will see the value in their reward.

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Card activation from new BT customers

BT Reward Card


BT uses one of our prepaid reward cards, with a value of up to £125, to incentivise customers to buy its 12 month BT broadband package. The value of the monetary reward is tiered based on the size of the package the customer purchases.

We provide BT with a fully-branded promotion mechanic to make sure its customer experience is seamless. Everything from production, delivery of the card, and post-sales support is handled by us, so BT can concentrate on other business priorities.

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DFDS Booking Incentive


Ferry operator, DFDS, partnered with us to incentivise customers to book journeys between specific promotional dates. Customers booking one-way journeys were rewarded with a £10 prepaid card, and return travel bookings received a £20 prepaid card. Rewards were positioned as a contribution towards fuel for the journey to the ferry.

Once customers had booked their trips, they were directed to the DFDS branded Redeem platform to claim their reward. Our team managed the entire campaign from design, to production and delivery of the card, through to validating each request.

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John Lewis 'Gift with Purchase'


John Lewis recognise discounting products can devalue your brand. It wanted to find alternative ways to attract and reward its customers.

We built a customised Redeem promotion for John Lewis that allowed customers to claim a £25 e-voucher once they had made a purchase.

John Lewis saw a direct impact from the campaign with a 30% uplift in sales over a four-week period. The company said the results were more effective than a simple discount.

The company is now running similar Redeem promotions across its home, fashion and electrics departments.

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Why choose Redeem?

Redeem provides a seamless experience for sale incentives, on-pack promotions and direct-to-consumer campaigns, helping you to increase and retain your customers.

Robust System

Redeem handles large volumes of data and delivers millions of rewards efficiently, while protecting your business.

Attractive Rewards

Your customers will have a large range of rewards to choose from, including gift cards and prepaid cards.

Quick Setup

Our dedicated team can design and launch your customised reward redemption platform in a matter of days.

Reusable Platform

Redeem campaigns are cost effective as we can re-customise your platform for multiple campaigns.

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Consumer Gift Card Preferences

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