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Prepaid Cards

Incentivise and reward in a tangible way that offers real choice, through a prepaid card. Give customers and employees the opportunity to treat themselves, on you.

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What is Prepaid at Hawk Incentives

  • Physical card that can be given to a customer or employee
  • Can be used anywhere, or restricted to particularly types of spend
  • Supports both one-time rewards, and repeated incentives through single load and reloadable cards.

Prepaid rewards card options

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Virtual Prepaid Card

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Employee Recognition
Consumer Incentives
Customer Campaigns
Consumer Preference

Employee Recognition

Recognising employee achievements is a fundamental part of any successful business. Our prepaid card makes rewarding fun. Employees enjoy having the freedom to choose their own reward with the brands and retailers they love.

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Consumer Incentives

Drive consumer behaviour and loyalty by offering a tangible reward for purchasing goods or services, and build brand affinity by putting your brand in their hand beyond the purchasing moment.

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Loyalty and Behaviour Incentives

Reward ongoing behaviour through reloadable cards. When recipients meet your criteria, you can load up their card with the reward they have earned. It's fast, scaleable and highly effective at improving loyalty over time.

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of people want a physcial reward card


Distribute funds to employees or consumers in a method cheaper than cheques or BACs. Deliver your brand direct to their hand increase your brand advocacy.

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Why choose prepaid cards?

It’s a reward that customers and employees enjoy using. Prepaid reward cards also generate positive brand affinity as purchases create fond memories.

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High Impact

Cards are easy-to-use therefore campaign uptake is high, driving engagement levels up.

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Consumer Preference

48% of people want a physical reward card when given the choice.* Give them the ultimate choice of where to spend.

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Ability to Brand

Brand cards with your own logo and artwork. We create, produce and fulfil the card, but the reward comes from you.

cardholder support

Cardholder Support

Card balance can be viewed online or via the mobile app. Cardholder service support is available for queries.

Let's Talk Prepaid Cards

White paper: Playing Your Cards Right

This white paper covers incentives, rewards and compensation payments and how you can harness the potential of prepaid cards. Card payments are now our default way to pay, but how can we use them effectively to inspire our customers and change their behaviour? Download the whitepaper today.

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