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In a market that is primarily driven by who has the lowest interest rate, we offer a way for banks to stand out from their competitors. Deliver an affordable, powerful incentive to customers that both improves brand perception and builds strong customer relationships.

Our prepaid cards are fully branded, customisable and personalised; they are the ideal way to reward new and existing mortgage customers, without exhausting your budget.

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How to bank new customers
Mortgage offers not hitting home?
Stand out from your competitors

How to bank new customers

First time buyers are increasing by over 11% YOY – our solution will support your business to be at the forefront in acquiring and retaining those new customers. Our prepaid incentive is proven to increase brand perception, build customer relationships and save brands money. Find out more today.

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Mortgage offers not hitting home?

Mortgage incentives across the industry today offer little impact to new and existing customers – decisions are more often than not interest rate led. As experts in incentives, we have developed an alternative approach that allows your brand the opportunity to build emotional connections with your customers, offering compelling reward and incentives that simply standout.

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Stand out from your competitors

Our incentive solution allows you to use a single reward mechanic across all of your products, with the ability to adapt to your audience using personalised relevant messaging. For example:

'Take out your mortgage with us and receive up to £XXX to spend towards furnishing your first home' or 'Congratulations on reaching a mortgage anniversary, ‘Show your home some love.' Talk to us today about our attractive commericial options that can help stretch your budgets, without compromising on campaign impact.

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Why choose prepaid cards? 

Flexible to be used in a variety of campaigns, a prepaid card has a wide range of benefits

Memorable experience

When a customer makes a purchase using a prepaid card from you, they connect that experience to your brand, building brand affinity.

Save money

A prepaid card as a reward mechanism is more economical than traditional means such as cashback.

Operational efficiency

Administering a promotion using prepaid cards is simple; we can take card of everything from production, delivery and customer support.

Attract & retain

From a welcome gift to a mortgage anniversary present, a prepaid card can help you attract new and retain existing customers.

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Playing your cards right

Learn all about prepaid cards in the latest white paper from Hawk Incentives. Playing your cards right: Incentives, rewards and
compensation payments: harness the potential of prepaid cards 
is a deep dive on how this reward incentive can be used to inspire customers and change their behaviour. Download the paper today.

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