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The Indispensable Guide to Rewards

3rd August 2020

For every incentive programme, there’s a perfect reward strategy

We know that it can be a bit overwhelming when faced with creating an effective rewards and incentive strategy. There are so many options out there, all boasting different redemption mechanisms and a variety of customisation features. How do you know which rewards are right for your business?

We’ve pulled together a handy guide that explains our portfolio, noting the USP of each of our solutions and laying out the custom choices for each product in simple terms. It’s designed to help make your decision a little easier and to support you in understanding what it is you really want and need.

In this guide, we cover our core reward products and solutions that are perfect for both customer and employee engagement, including:

Prepaid cards

Highlighting both our physical and virtual options.

Multi-retailer gift cards

Including our One4all and Choice range.

Digital Reward Codes

Our end to end reward platform, Select.

Gift Cards and eGifts 

Featuring our own gift card content alongside brands you know and love, plus our discounted closed user-group platform, Voucher Store.

If you’re considering a new reward or incentive programme, we’d love to hear from you. Our team of experts are happy to have an informal chat about what you want to achieve and will be able to recommend the products and solutions that are best suited to your business-use.

Call today on 0207 419 8191 or drop us an email to enquiries@bhnetwork.com

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