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Playing Your Cards Right

Harnessing the potential of prepaid cards

6th November 2019
With 16.3 billion UK card transactions annually, it’s no surprise that card payments are now considered as the default way to pay in the UK. How can brands use this to their advantage, but still deliver a successful return on investment?

In our whitepaper report titled ‘Playing Your Cards Right – Incentives, rewards and compensation payments: harness the potential of prepaid cards’, we explore the current status of card payments; examining strong use cases for prepaid cards and diving deeper into the uses for them within the telecoms, utilities & travel sectors. We then apply this to analyse the potential that prepaid card has, to improve the effectiveness of incentive, reward & compensation for our customers.

In chapter one, it’s clear that the younger generation are embracing the prepaid card evolution; accounting for almost 50% of the entire transaction value in the UK during 2018. We look at the forecast for the number of cards expected to be in circulation by 2023 and what we expect to drive this increase.
We examine a case study of one of the biggest players in the market; demonstrating how the technology is cheap & adoptable, which makes it such an attractive premise. Then we go on to look at panel research commissioned by us, to explore how customers would actually prefer to receive payments; be that as a reward, incentive or compensation for a negative experience.

Moving into chapters two, three & four, we delve into the telecoms, utilities & travel industries. We look at how they use payments to aid their business and the effect of this from the customer perspective. We compare and contrast the differences, drawing conclusions of the common denominators and identifying what seems to be working better for some.

To read the full report and understand where we see the gap in the market, fill out the form and download your copy today.

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