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Five Ways to Reward Loyal Customers This Christmas

22nd October 2019
The festive period is the most magical time of year when hearts are full and thoughts turn to giving gifts to show how much we care. You may already be considering how you can spread some festive joy and reward your customers for their loyalty throughout the year. To help with this, we’ve compiled five ways that you can reward your loyal customers this Christmas to boost brand affinity.


  1. Add something extra to your loyalty programme

Give your customers a loyalty points bonus or add some great new rewards for them to redeem their points with. What might constitute an engaging reward for loyalty programmes? Recent research from Hawk Incentives US found that 82% of millennials would be interested in redeeming loyalty points for a gift card or prepaid reward card.
  1. Reward them for referring their friends and family

The festive period provides you with a great opportunity to run a referral campaign and reward your loyal customers for successfully referring a friend to purchase. The promise of a gift card should provide a fantastic incentive to help offset some of those mounting Christmas expenses.
  1. Surprise and delight your customers

Sometimes surprises make for the nicest gifts. Surprise and delight your customers with a festive reward that will make them feel valued and appreciated.

Whether you want to reward your most regular customers, your biggest spenders or indeed any targeted demographic, giving a gift that suits everyone can be tricky.  Hawk Select is the solution. You can reward one of thousands of customers swiftly with Select codes that they can exchange for the gift card of their choice.  
  1. Request feedback with a competition

Chances are your loyal customers already love your products or services but that’s not to say they won’t have a list of things you can improve upon. Make your customers feel like their opinion and custom is valued by asking them to submit their feedback for the chance to win a gift card. Plus, you’ll end up with plenty of insight into what is and isn’t working that you can then feed into your product development and marketing strategy.
  1. Get social

Reward the customers that have chosen to join your social media community with a dedicated competition just for them. A fun, festive competition will make for great content for your fans and followers and remind them why they are following you – for that added value that being part of your community provides.
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