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Building loyalty in the gig economy

13th March 2018

Generating loyalty can be a challenging prospect when team members don’t know each other and may not even be working in the company beyond project completion. Yet up to 50% of the UK workforce of companies such as Google and ASOS is freelance, and this number is growing. The ONS reports that in 2017 there were 4.8 million self-employed workers in the UK, representing more than 15% of the total labour force. 
So when time is short, what can you do to generate the kind of loyalty that drives great performance and turns individuals into lifelong brand advocates?
69% of employees say that reward and recognition would motivate them to stay 
Source: Achievers, December 2017


Foster a sense of pride


Everyone needs to see the value of their contribution to the big picture. Share third-party testimonials, social proof and related evidence that enables people to truly believe in the product or service they are delivering, take ownership of their role and understand why it’s important to your clients/ customers.


Maintain open channels


Annual engagement surveys have little relevance for short-term contract workers. Having an always-on feedback channel enables you to capture and share great ideas, disseminate best practice and swiftly address any concerns. As well as enabling you to fill gaps in understanding and dispel any myths, first-hand insight will help support and inform your continuous improvement strategy.


Empower peer recognition


Peer-to-peer recognition can resonate powerfully, creating a sense of mutual appreciation that supports teamworking and collaboration. Having a platform that facilitates ‘anytime, anywhere’ social recognition enables colleagues to recognise and congratulate each other, share successes and add congratulatory comments to others’ posts.

Reward in a relevant and timely way 

Having a structured approvals process built into your recognition platform will help manage the budget and maintain consistency. Rewards can also be an ‘in the moment’ expression of thanks and appreciation, perhaps for reaching a key project milestone, or for extra effort to meet a deadline. They can be ‘surprise and delight’ moments or random acts of kindness (“Treat yourself to a meal out on us!”). And of course they can be offered as an incentive to drive activity, such as reaching a certain target, winning a performance league or beating previous performance.
And because you can’t please everybody all of the time, we recommend getting as close as you can to that goal by offering rewards that facilitate choice, such as a gift card, a digital code, or lifestyle memberships.
Three things to talk to us about:

  • Getting the best value from your rewards and incentives budget

  • The best options for timely, relevant rewards that meet individual needs and aspirations

  • Using the latest employee engagement technology to drive effective communication and recognition that builds loyalty

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