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Performance rewards and incentives


Drive your business forward with effective employee reward solutions. Reward your employees for hitting sales targets or achieving their personal objectives. Encourage your staff to develop and grow as individuals, ultimately achieving more for your business.

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Are you incentivising your employees effectively?

Providing your employees with a tangible goal and accompanying reward is fundamental to a successful workforce.

Start with what your business is trying to achieve. Then choose rewards and incentives that will help your employees collectively make it happen.

We provide performance-based incentives for some of the UK's most successful brands. Our rewards motivate your staff, help increase overall employee satisfaction and reduce turnover.

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Experts in rewarding staff

We're not just reward providers, we're experts in understanding what employees want. Hawk Incentives regularly conducts research around the world to gain insight into what motivates your people. 

In research on employee preferences by our US team, gift cards emerged as popular choice with employees as a tool for rewarding performance.

As well as being a leading UK gift card supplier, we offer sophisticated platforms for employees to select and redeem their reward.

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Rewards that make it happen

Hawk Incentives creates, personalises and delivers a wide range of rewards with mass appeal. Our products are ideal for incentivising and rewarding employees for achieving their goals.

Gift Cards

The widest selection of gift cards in the UK, for one-off rewards or an incentive programme.

Gift Cards

Prepaid Cards

Perfect for one-time or ongoing reward payments for employees.

Prepaid Reward Cards

Reward Platforms

'Select' is our redemption platform that allows your employees to choose the reward they really want.


We provide rewards and benefits to over 10,500 UK companies

East Midlands Employee Rewards
London Borough of Tower Hamlets
Southeastern Railway


Select codes issued to employees so far

East Midlands Trains Digital Rewards

EMT was looking for a simple-to-use solution that rewarded their employees across multiple and diverse locations, as well as giving each staff member the flexibility to choose the rewards they wanted. Over 2,500 reward codes have been issued so far. Download the case study to find out more.

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Techscheme Employee Benefit

The London Borough of Tower Hamlets recognised the value of helping employees afford the very latest technology. By signing up to Techscheme, staff can now spread the cost of big-ticket items over one, two or three years through salary sacrifice. Find out more about the scheme’s success by downloading the full case study.

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 “Employee Choice Portal is our most popular benefit.”

- Southeastern Railways

Southeastern Railway

Southeastern found the diversity of its workforce meant it was difficult to identify benefits with sufficiently broad appeal. However, after pinpointing the importance of tech for many of its employees, the train operator signed up to our Employee Choice Portal. Just six weeks later, 12% of its workforce had already purchased market-leading Apple products through the scheme.

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Why partner with us for performance rewards? 

Over 10,500 brands trust our 40 years of experience, and for good reason.
Our unrivalled products and services are valued by employees across the UK.

Tangible Impact

See the impact of effectively rewarding your employees as motivation, satisfaction and overall performance increases.

Employee Choice

With a market-leading selection of popular rewards, your staff are sure to find something they love.

Intelligent Platforms

Our team are continually updating and refining our reward platforms to deliver the best user experience and sophisticated reporting.


Our unique partnerships with reward suppliers allow us to pass on the savings to you.

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White paper: Pulling the Benefits and Incentives Lever

Pulling the Benefits and Incentives Lever” reviews the gap between HR expectations and employee satisfaction. 44% of employees agreed their company doesn’t understand the wishes of its workforce. Read our white paper to understand how your business could strengthen its employee engagement initiatives.

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