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Need help with Customer Acquisition?

Hawk Incentives goes further than other reward providers. We can be your partner in bulding end-to-end customer acquisition initiatives.

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Acquisition made easy

We work with businesses of every size across a wide range of industries, helping them acquire customers by using the right incentive for their audience.

Hawk Incentives is one of the largest B2B gift card suppliers in the UK, as well as being an authorised issuer of Mastercard prepaid cards for acquisition programmes.

Our reward platforms can be used to redeem physical and digital rewards, and can be tailored and personalised for your brand.

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Choosing the right incentive

Research from Hawk Incentives USA recently revealed that 8 out of 10 consumers surveyed believe promotions involving physical gift cards have more influence on purchase decisions than bonus funds or coupons.

We understand which incentives are most effective in each sector, and combine our knowledge with yours to design a tailored solution. Understanding your target audience - their background, needs, and views - will allow us to help you create an effective customer acquisition strategy.

Download the full research today to learn more about consumer gift card preferences.

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Rewards that make it happen

Choose the right incentive for your business and your customer demographic. Browse all our rewards below and get in touch to start a conversation about your customer acquisition goals.

Gift Cards

The widest selection of gift cards in the UK, for use in a variety of acquisition programmes.

Gift Cards

Prepaid Cards

Perfect for one-time or ongoing reward payments, suitable for every type of consumer.

Prepaid Reward Cards

Reward Platforms

‘Select’ is our redemption platform that makes it easy for your customers to collect their rewards.


We work closely with top UK brands on their customer engagement initiatives

BT Reward Card
Club Lloyds
EE Refer a Friend
Škoda Free Fuel Campaign


Card activation from new BT customers

BT Reward Card

BT uses a prepaid Reward Card of up to £125 to incentivise customers to buy a 12-month BT broadband package. We provide BT with a fully branded experience. This means that, although the customer experience is a seamless BT journey, everything is handled by the experienced team at Hawk Incentives. From production and delivery of the card, to post-sale support, we manage every part of this incentive programme, leaving the BT team to focus on running their business.

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Club Lloyds Loyalty Programme

Hawk Incentives is the reward provider for Lloyds' customer loyalty programme. A comprehensive solution that includes website management, dedicated seven-days-a-week contact centre support and full management of reward delivery, the programme allows over one million users to select a reward of their choice.

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EE Refer a Friend

An EE customer acquisition campaign incentivised existing contract customers using gift cards from Hawk Incentives. Inviting a friend to join EE on a monthly plan would mean both parties were rewarded with £25 gift card. Our redemption platforms are designed so recipients can quickly and easily choose the gift card they want from a wide variety of retailers, making sure customers end up with something they truly value.

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Škoda Free Fuel Campaign

ŠKODA used our prepaid Mastercard® to incentivise the purchase of a new or used ŠKODA vehicle. Customers were rewarded with a card pre-loaded with £750, £500 or £250 to spend on fuel. With 20,000 prepaid cards issued, sales exceeded forecast by 35% in January 2016, and 18.5% in January 2017, making the campaign a success with customers and for the ŠKODA business.

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Customer Acquisition with Hawk Incentives

In saturated markets with fierce competition, you need a partner that will help your brand stand out. How do we help our clients achieve their customer acquisition objectives?

Unrivalled Choice

Because every company and every customer is different, you need tools that are flexible enough to offer a relevant, timely and memorable reward every time.

Rewards at Scale

We produce and deliver reward products en masse, and fast. Buy in bulk at discounted rates and relax while we deliver the reward to your recipient.

Make it Memorable

Ensure the customers 'moment of truth' leaves a legacy. A fully branded gift that they love can dramatically change their impression of your company.

Digital Rewards

We make online purchases and online reward redemption simple. Our platforms are easy-to-use and capture invaluable insight into how your customers behave.

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White paper: Playing Your Cards Right

Card payments are now our default way to pay, so how can we use them effectively to inspire our customers and change their behaviour? This white paper reveals how you can harness the potential of prepaid cards for incentives, rewards and compensation payments. Download the full paper now.

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