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Christmas cheer for all, this year.

Whether you’re looking to reward performance over the year, or you simply want to say thank you for being a dedicated employee, the festive season is a great time recognise your staff with something they’ll love.

Reward them with gift cards

With each organisation’s workforce being so diverse, it can be tricky finding gifts that cater to all your employees, are easy to distribute and within budget. Recent research from our US team revealed that 69% of employees would like to receive a gift card as a reward from an employer.
Our extensive catalogue of gift cards, which includes our own One4all card and Choice card range, ensures that there is something for everyone.

Tax-free employee gifting

Under HMRC's Trivial Benefits allowance, your business could save up to £48.10 every time you gift an employee a gift card this Christmas, instead of making a payment through payroll.

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Introducing you to Hawk Select

If you are looking for a fast, dynamic and scalable reward, Hawk Select may be ideal for you. Our Select platform allows personalised Select codes to be emailed to your employees which they can then swap for a gift card or eCode of their choice.

Brandable solution
Flexible delivery options
Provide choice
Next to no administration

Brandable solution


Whatever look and feel you want; we can do it. Use our generic Select branding or have our designers create a bespoke redemption site for your codes.

Flexible delivery options


You can download your Select codes for your own communications, or we can do the legwork for you and distribute these straight into each employee’s inbox.

Provide choice


Once your employees receive their Select code, the power is in their hands. All they need to do to redeem is visit the website, enter the code and choose the gift card or e-code that suits them best. With such a huge range of big brand leisure providers and high street retailers, you can be confident that your employees will love their gift.

Next to no administration


After you’ve placed your order, you can relax and enjoy the festive cheer! When your employees choose their gift, we will post or email it to their specified destination, meaning that you don’t need to lift another finger!

Why Hawk Incentives?

Gift cards hold more value than cash as recipients are likely to use them on treats. This makes the reward more enjoyable, creating everlasting memories.

Quick & easy

We’ve made the ordering and distribution of our gift cards and Select codes simple and efficient.

Satisfied customers

Your audience can choose where and what they spend their reward on, so you’re guaranteed maximum satisfaction and excellent engagement.

Flexible options

Every type of physical and digital gift card, for every type of campaign.

Fast delivery

We can swiftly fulfil bulk gift card orders and with Hawk Select, any number of codes can be received by your employees within 24 hours.

Consumer Gift Card Preferences

With their mass appeal and seemingly endless range of options in physical, digital and mobile, there are many new and evolving ways for businesses to consider using gift cards to engage with their audiences. This report from our US division outlines the latest gift card trends and how you can apply them to your gift card strategies and programs this year.

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