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Pure card

Pure is a prepaid card that helps your employees save up to 15% on everyday shopping. The reloadable card is accepted by over 70 popular high street retailers, instore and online.

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  • Help employees make savings on everyday spending
  • Attract and retain talent with an employee perk that has broad appeal
  • Free to set up and we’ll help you promote the benefit to your business

Pure card is simple to set up and easy for your employees to use

Pure card is a benefit that has broad employee appeal. Once the card is loaded with funds, it’s ready to use. Pure card users earn a percentage rebate which is credited back the following month. The savings made can supplement everyday essentials and treats, such as a meal out or the weekly shop.

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Employee Satisfaction
Increase Loyalty
Website and App
Voucher Store

Employee Satisfaction

Pure card is a low cost way of saving your employees money and driving greater financial well-being. Pure can be used as a budgeting tool, with users only being able to the available balance on the card. They can also share the benefit with a close family member, to help manage their spending.

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of employees want a perk that cuts the cost of everyday life

Increase Loyalty

Our whitepaper, Pulling the Benefits and Incentives Lever, also found that 44% of HR professionals said their company does not offer pre-paid shopping cards that save money on everyday spending, yet 80% believe it to be important. Discover more insights now.

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Website and App

It’s quick and easy to load your Pure card: Visit the mobile app, website, or send a text, and the money will be transferred from your debit card. This also can be set up as salary sacrifice.

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Voucher Store

Our Voucher Store, which can be accessed through the Pure website, allows employees to purchase vouchers from well-known retailers at discounted rates. Employee can purchase the discounted vouchers for themselves or even as gift for family and friends.

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Why choose Pure?

Pure is a benefit that is attractive to all employees whether your business is large or small. The savings employees can make is a valuable reward with longevity, making your staff feel recognised and valued every day.

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Big Savings

Your employees get money back on their everyday shopping with average rebates of £216 per year.

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Popular Retailers

You can spend at more than 70 national retailers, including ASDA, John Lewis, M&S, Pizza Express and Waitrose.

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Voucher Store

Holders of a Pure card get access to our online voucher store where you can save even more on highstreet gift cards.

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Simple Registration

Register online and top-up instantly via the app, online or by text.

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Whitepaper: Pulling the Benefits and Incentives Lever

Pulling the Benefits and Incentives Lever” reviews the gap between HR expectations and employee satisfaction. 44% of employees agreed their company doesn’t understand the wishes of its workforce. Read our Whitepaper to understand more.

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