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Employee Choice Portal

Encourage a happier, smarter workforce by enabling employees to own any Apple product they want. Our tech benefit makes big-ticket items affordable by spreading the cost.

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  • Increase employee engagement with a motivational benefit
  • Upskill employee tech knowledge by making Apple products accessible
  • Employers and employees save on National Insurance contributions

Make owning the newest iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple Watch affordable

Our Employee Choice Portal is a technology benefit scheme that gives your employees the opportunity to own an Apple product, no matter what the cost. Whether employees have their eye on the latest Apple Watch, iPad, iPhone or MacBook, they can purchase the item and spread the cost, interest free, over 12 monthly payments, saving up to 12% on National Insurance Contributions.

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Increase Loyalty
Digital Inclusion Strategy
Apple Experience
Case Study


satisfaction with the Apple iPhone

Increase Loyalty

*The UK Brand Leaders research from Mintel (2018) reveals that the Apple iPhone and iMac take the #1 and #2 spot respectively for satisfaction, making it a clear favourite in the technology sector. Providing your employees with an affordable way to the purchase products from the market-leading brand is an important and highly valued benefit.

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Digital Inclusion Strategy

The government launched its Digital Inclusion strategy to get every UK resident digitally capable by 2020. Show your support for the strategy and nurture your employees’ skills by giving them better access to the latest technology.

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Apple Experience

Employees will get the Apple experience consumers love. When purchasing their tech, employees are sent direct to the Apple Employee Choice Portal Store and can choose from the company’s entire product catalogue. Purchases are then delivered, for free, straight from Apple itself.

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 “Employee Choice Portal is our most popular benefit.”

- Southeastern Railways

Case Study

Southeastern finds it difficult to identify benefits with broad appeal. However, after recognising that tech plays a big part in most of its employees lives, the train operating company signed up to Employee Choice Portal. In six weeks, 12% had purchased through the scheme.

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Why choose Employee Choice Portal?

Apple approached us to launch Employee Choice Portal in partnership. It means all of the tech comes directly from Apple, and is delivered from them to you.

desirable benefit icon

Desirable Benefit

Free-to-join benefit that will be popular with a diverse workforce.

spreading costs icon

Spreading Costs

Employees can spread the cost of purchases, interest free, while saving on NIC.

wide choice icon

Wide Choice

From an iPhone to iPad, MacBook to Apple Watch. There is something for every employee.

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Easy Administration

You can be up and running in 48 hours. We’ll also promote the benefit for you.

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Whitepaper: Pulling the Benefits and Incentives Lever

Pulling the Benefits and Incentives Lever” reviews the gap between HR expectations and employee satisfaction. 44% of employees agreed their company doesn’t understand the wishes of its workforce. Read our Whitepaper to understand more.

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