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Our childcare voucher scheme has an easy-to-use online portal. Employees get access to our 24/7 childcare helpline, and emergency childcare website for last-minute support. Parents can make savings whilst paying carers directly to their bank account.

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  • Retain loyal working parents by helping parents pay for childcare
  • Reduce family financial worries and have a happier workforce
  • Boost wellbeing with a family helpline and emergency childcare access

Switch to care-4 and give employees even more childcare support

Our childcare voucher scheme was the first of its kind in the UK. We're known for our secure user friendly online portal and exceptional customer experience. Employees gain more from our childcare benefit with the confidential helpline and access to emergency care. Switching from existing schemes requires minimal effort.

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Why switch to care-4?

You can switch to our childcare voucher scheme at any time throughout the year. We make moving from existing suppliers seamless and hassle-free.

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Minimal Cost

The savings made through NIC will offset the childcare voucher scheme’s running costs.

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Top User Experience

Our impressive customer service team will make switching suppliers easy, and employees will love our online portal.

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Extra Benefits

Offers more than other childcare voucher benefit schemes with 24/7 helpline and emergency childcare access.

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Online Portal

The online portal makes the scheme run smoothly and we’ll handle any management for parents.

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Carers Pack

Our information pack for carers explains how our childcare voucher scheme works and how it can assist in ensuring you get the best and reliable experience possible.

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